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Three models of heating or cooling clay compresses to cover multiple uses...
Compress Mikrohot (size 20x40cm)
Ref. MH2040
Smaller and lighter than the MH3040, its size makes it suitable for use on shoulders, limbs or children. It will go everywhere with you and will be very practical to carry when travelling.

Compress Mikrohot (size 20cmx55cm)
Ref. MH2055
Specific band for the neck and cervical vertebrae. Its shape is adapted to wrap the neck and cover the cervical and upper back vertebrae.
Compress Mikrohot (size 30cmx40xcm)
Ref. MH3040
The most effective compress, the one with the longest heat or cold diffusion. Versatile, despite its size, its flexibility allows it to be adapted to all uses. It is the most requested for the back.


- 1 compress/2 functions: gentle and long lasting diffusion of heat or cold bringing well-being and relief.

- Easy to use :

       Hot, in a microwave oven or in a hydrothermal tank with hot water.
       Cold,  in the refrigerator or freezer.

- Washable and very resistant, suitable for use by professionals.

- A thermochromic indicator changes colour and displays a warning logo if the temperature is too high.

- The formulation of our clay allows the consistency of the compress to be maintained in the heat, (homogeneous thickness of the compress = homogeneous diffusion of temperature).

- The flexibility of the compresses allows them to follow the shape of the body to optimise the diffusion of temperature.